Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Bus Hit-Man

[  31st March    ]
Sherlock's actually a sleep! Can you believe that? I can't help to think that he's only pretending but still. I'm not going to wake him so I'll type up our most recent case in poem form. Don't ask.

From the tops of the shelfs to under the carpet
There are strange thing everywhere in our odd appartment

The bullets in the wall would give the landlady a heart attack
also the human parts scattered amongst the bric-a-brack

Something in the milk carton nobody should drink
A Holmes telling me that I'm stupid and should think

'BORED' he yelled again for the nineteenth time today
His voice came from the sofa where he almost always lay

'Ring, Ring' the familiar door bell rang.
'Sherlock it's for you' the house keeper. NO. Land lady sang

Damn it I'm not thinking my brain's turning to mush
I watched as Sherlock sprung to life and left in a rush

An accident it had been three streets down from us
We arrived to see the poor man had been run over by a bus

'This was no accident' Sherlock said as he arrived
We stared at the poor man, quite the opposite of alive

I could easily see the cogs turning inside his head
as he examined the body and the DI thought about what he had said

'It's obviously murder' the detective explained
'but it's a boring case' he started to complain

I quickly convinced him to take this case
probably to stop him from ruining our place

so after examining the body we quickly left the scene
passing Anderson and Sally who where always being mean

We interviewed the family of the poor man who had died
each and every one of them seemed to have something to hide

'I'm sorry about your bother, father, and son
but I'm here to solve his murder' he told everyone

'There's no time to be sad' I watched the tall figure loom 
'for the murderer of your friend it in this very room'

So after watching their reactions Sherlock singled out one
a young lady only twenty nervously nibbling on a French bun

The detective quickly explained who had done it and why
as he did so the young lady started to quietly cry

I couldn't help to feel sorry for the girl in front of me
as she silently sobbed and cried desperately

'The bus driver was an assassin she hired, you see
to end the aranged marrige she didn't want to be'

The young lady kept crying as the police led her out the  door
'Is there something I've forgotten? What information do you need more?'

'Nothing' he responded a smile spread on his face
'I just didn't expect you to solve this at such a pace'

The case was closed, Sherlock said it wouldn't be fun
but it doesn't matter now because the case is done

So we went back to the appartment and on the couch Sherlock lay
Complaining of boredom untril Lestrade's call the next day

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  1. 18 COMMENTS

    *comment deleted*
    Harry Watson 31 March 12:01

    Language Harry, and no I don't often write poetry
    John Watson 31 March 12:03

    I was just saying, and seriously since when do you rhyme?
    Harry Watson 31 March 12:09

    It's apartment John not appartment and asleep not a
    sleep, and I didn't say any of the above.You're making me seem
    like a character from a child's book.
    Sherlock Holmes 31 March 13:37

    Oh right thank you for correcting me, I changed it so
    it would rhyme
    John Watson 31 March 13:41

    Also we need more milk
    Sherlock Holmes 31 March 13:42

    I just bought more milk! what did you do with it?
    John Watson 31 March 13:49

    Do you really want to know?
    Sherlock Holmes 31 March 13:53

    Er....No probably not. I'll get more milk soon
    John Watson 31 March 14:01

    Not the best piece of literature I've ever read
    Anonymous 31 March 15:59

    That doesn't surprise me
    John Watson 31 March 16:21

    Wow John I didn't know you where a poet
    Molly Hopper 31 March 16:34

    I'm not, but I'm glad you liked it
    John Watson 31 March 17:21

    Jim was reading it to, he told me he liked it
    Molly Hopper 31 March 17: 36

    Jim from the hospital?
    John Watson 31 March 17: 41

    Yes, that's him you met him yesterday
    Molly Hopper 31 March 17:45

    I'm not even going to ask what was going throught
    you're head when you wrote this
    Bill Murray 1 April 11:52

    most likely nothing, if i where sherlock's colleague we
    would of solved it a lot quicker
    theimprobableone 1 April 11:59