Thursday, 9 December 2010

Sherlock's Last Bullet

[  2nd April   ] 
I've blanked out a few names again for legal matters. I'm typing this from the hospital, don't worry I'm not dying, I've just been shot again. This case all began with Sherlock and I visiting a construction site. Sherlock had received a call from //////// telling him of a recent murder. We quickly arrived to find that a man had been hung by a crane. Sherlock was quickly able to work out everything about the man from just looking at him. Brilliant as always. After he examined the man he informed //////// that he needed to talk to several people close to the man.

It was only a few minutes of being home that I, not having slept in three days, fell asleep. I don't exactly remember what happened before hand but Sherlock told me he was just playing his violin. He also told me not to drink the milk. Why is it always the milk? Any way while I was asleep Sherlock left to interview Mr///////// 's family. I later woke up to find the apartment empty and before I could really do anything I was kidnapped. The details aren't extremely clear from there on but Sherlock has been telling me about it so I can attempt to go on.

So I woke up in a strange warehouse it was dark and /////// was there. Most likely the last person on the face of the earth I wanted to see, let alone be kidnapped by. After a few minutes went by he became bored of my company and called Sherlock. Who quickly came to the warehouse where he was faced with a game. A dangerous game. But Sherlock being such a brilliant idiot couldn't help but to play, just to prove he was clever. I was standing at the back of the warehouse with a snipper aimed at me. /////// had said that if I moved it would be the last thing I'd ever do. I didn't feel like arguing. 

Sherlock told me that //////// had given him a choice. He had said that he was given a gun with one bullet and he could see two silhouettes one was mine the other belonged to //////. He said that he had ten seconds to decide who to shoot then shoot, or I would be shot by //////'s snipper. So after ten seconds he had said 'felt like hours' he pulled the trigger. Only to find out that he had been aiming not at /////// but at me. 

I can't remember what went on after that because I, of course, was concentrating on the whole 'Please God let me live' thing! The next thing I remember was waking up here in the hospital. Sherlock was sitting beside me, he said I'd been asleep for thirty five hours. I tried to get up but bullet wounds don't really agree with movement. So after I had woken up Sherlock explained to me who had killed Mr ////// the man from the construction site. 

The butler had done it. Apparently Mr///// had owed the butlers friend some money and Mr///// being extremely rich could pay him. But he had simply chosen not to. So after asking him several times they both decided to kill him. It seems like the butler had watched too many movies. But still the case was solved ///// had escaped and I had been shot again. Nothing to worry about. I chose all this the second I met Sherlock Holmes

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    Harry Watson 02 April 11:04

    Yeah by Sherlock
    John Watson 02 April 11:09

    *comment deleted*
    Harry Watson 02 April 11:12

    Harry could you stop swearing on my blog, Sherlock didn't
    mean to shoot me it was an accident
    John Watson 02 April 11:16

    Oh John I hope you're okay I saw you come out of the
    ambulance you didn't look very well
    Molly Hopper 02 April 11:23

    I'm fine don't worry
    John Watson 02 April 11:45

    Have you seen Jim lately? I'm starting to worry
    Molly Hopper 02 April 11:52

    Yes.....Er um No
    John Watson 02 April 12:01

    Um... Okay never mind
    Molly Hopper 02 April 12:05

    Just can't stay out of the excitement can you?
    Bill Murray 02 April 12:30

    No, I guess I can't
    John Watson 02 April 12:41

    You forgot a full stop at the end other than that I'm not even going
    to begin to correct you John, and I didn't 'work it out'
    I deduced it form what I observed.
    Sherlock Holmes 02 April 12:52

    Right, deduced. Got it.
    John Watson 02 April 13:04

    John I need you to pass me my phone it's ringing.
    Sherlock Holmes 02 April 13:05

    It's right next to you Sherlock
    John Watson 02 April 13:05

    I know.
    Sherlock Holmes 02 April 13:06

    Thank you.
    Sherlock Holmes 02 April 13:06

    Sherlock your right beside me can't you just talk to me?
    John Watson 02 April 13:06

    You're John not your
    Sherlock Holmes 02 April 13:07

    Oh, deary you where shot no wonder I haven't seen you come home
    Marie Turner 02 April 14:25

    I'm fine Mrs Hudson, we'll be back in three days Sherlock insists
    on staying here with me
    John Watson 02 April 14:25

    The sky is blue.
    Anonymous 02 April 14:12

    Harry Watson 02 April 15:53